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March 30 Stay true to your values
February 18 The High Road: How to find your purpose and live it out loud
February 13 Sharpen your saw: How to build up your inner reserves
February 02 Empowering our future generation of professionals
January 26 Routes of change: An interview with Markus Pukonen
January 01 Living by design: 2016 edition


December 06 How to effectively engage with a community
November 30 Buy a book, make a difference
November 25 Introducing our 2017 recipient of support
October 25 Project Change Foundation 2nd Annual Gala Party
October 11 How to strengthen connections within your community
September 18 Turning a passion into a profession: An interview with Holman Wang
September 11 How young entrepreneurs can change the world
July 24 How to create the future of your dreams
July 17 Searching for our 2017 recipient of support
January 22 What's new in 2016


December 31 Living by design: My experiments in goal-setting
November 27 Introducing our 2016 recipient of support
November 09 100 books in 4 years: Tips for reading more regularly
October 27 Project Change Foundation Reception
September 06 Jump in: A guide to changing the world
August 17 Meet the board of the Project Change Foundation
August 03 Introducing the Project Change Foundation
July 10 Making democracies relevant: An interview with Mark Coffin
June 28 Uniting community through music: An interview with Matt Carter
June 23 The art of feeling good: An interview with Melissa Holland
June 20 The Riverkeeper: An interview with Meredith Brown
June 14 Social change by design: An interview with Linh Nguyen
June 12 Oppression to opportunity: An interview with Michael Redhead Champagne
June 04 Having more with less: An interview with Julie Phillips
June 02 The art of giving: An interview with Margaret Stacey
May 29 Changing the world through business, politics and music: An interview with Angela Nagy
May 27 Ride Don't Hide: An interview with Michael Schratter
May 23 The Better World Tour
May 22 Debuting our shiny-new website
March 14 Giving back through travel: An interview with Mark Horoszowski
February 21 The Lipstick Project seeks volunteers from Vancouver's beauty profession
February 18 The age-old practice of tithing is still relevant today
February 16 Didn’t See It Coming: An interview with Marc Stoiber
January 17 The Lipstick Project: An interview with Leigh Boyle
January 07 Hunger doesn't take the weekend off: An interview with Joanne and Emily-anne Griffiths


December 26 Christmas at the lakefront: A fond farewell
December 18 How to set life goals that are meaningful and effective
December 12 Living off the grid: An interview with Masa Takei
December 04 Living with purpose: Or why I dislike the term work-life balance
November 06 Empowering students to be change makers
October 23 Three tips for overcoming writer's block
October 03 Useful resources for creating lasting, positive change
August 21 Walking to Japan: An interview with Carolyn Affleck Youngs
August 10 How to get the most happiness out of your travels
April 23 The art of living a meaningful life is to connect with something greater than ourselves
April 08 Challenge Twelve: Nurture the soul
March 25 Technology has radically changed the role of universities
March 11 Photography makes past experiences more memorable


December 13 How to make your New Year's resolutions stick: The power of setting concrete goals
December 10 Educate the hand: Acquiring the skills needed to create change
December 08 Educate the head: The power of knowledge
December 06 Educate the heart: Nurturing passion for a subject
December 04 Challenge Eleven: Keep learning
November 03 Eating the Mediterranean way is good for your health, your pocketbook and the planet
October 21 Challenge Ten: Eat right
October 02 The power of giving: How volunteering can lead to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life
September 22 Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: An event in support of imagine1day
September 09 Challenge Nine: Help those in need
August 29 The power of positivity: Three lessons from the military
August 07 Challenge Eight: Be positive with others
July 31 Taking a break from technology is like going on vacation, without leaving home
July 20 More Hemingway and other benefits of a technology cleanse
July 08 Challenge Seven: Go on a technology cleanse
July 02 30 Ways to have fun without leaving a trace
June 18 Challenge Six: Fun without the footprint
June 04 Four lessons from buying local
May 15 Challenge Five: Keep it local
May 01 30 Ways to build community connections
April 22 Four lessons from building community connections
April 17 Challenge Four: Get connected
April 01 An hour a day in nature is good for the mind and body
March 26 Challenge Three: Back to nature
March 01 The power of kindness: Happiness at little cost or time
February 20 Five lessons from performing random acts of kindness
February 09 Random Acts of Kindness Week
February 06 Challenge Two: An act of kindness a day
February 01 250,000 Steps and a new outlook on time management
January 30 Walking: Exercise the mind and body while in transit
January 28 How to do a marathon in eight days and other lessons from the sidewalk
January 28 Challenge One: Footloose and car free
January 28 A yearlong experiment in inner growth through outer change