Challenge Eight: Be Positive

Through the years, my mom has given me the same advice whenever I’m facing trying times: “Things always have a way of working out for you, Joe.” Though I appreciate the sentiment, I admittedly chalk it up as something moms just say to provide a pick-me-up to their kids. Affectionate and caring, but not exactly… Read More

Challenge Seven: Pull The Plug

What’s your biggest vice? Whether it’s driving too fast or eating too much junk food, many of us have at least one guilty pleasure that’s become a bad habit. But would you consider your use of personal technologies – devices like TVs, computers, tablets and smart phones – a vice? For the vast majority, the… Read More

Challenge Six: Have Fun

A yellow No. 2 pencil – picturing one may provoke memories of math tests or notebook doodles from your grade school days. But have you ever considered the environmental impact of a simple wooden pencil? The base materials used to make a pencil are simple enough: wood, graphite, rubber and aluminum. The wood used in… Read More