Routes of change: An interview with Markus Pukonen

Markus Pukonen is like a modern-day mash-up of Marco Polo and Huckleberry Finn. Case in point: in a three-year span, he spent 73 days at sea rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, paddled the Mississippi River from source to sea, and circumnavigated Vancouver Island in a rowboat. Fittingly, he was recently named one of Canada’s Top… Read More

Living by design: 2016 edition

2016 was the second year in a row that I used a fairly rigorous goal-setting system to increase my productivity and enjoyment in all areas of life. Some call this “living by design” or “life hacking.” To me, it’s about taking a more proactive approach to living, to treating life as a fun experiment, and… Read More

How to effectively engage with a community

Are you working on a project that requires support from a community of people? Do you find it challenging to get them interested in your initiative? Engaging with a community is often difficult. People are busy, over-committed, and overloaded with information and offers. So how can you rise above the noise to get their attention… Read More