How to effectively engage with a community

Are you working on a project that requires support from a community of people? Do you find it challenging to get them interested in your initiative? Engaging with a community is often difficult. People are busy, over-committed, and overloaded with information and offers. So how can you rise above the noise to get their attention… Read More

Buy a book, make a difference

Are you planning to give books as gifts this Christmas? Are you looking for a new novel to curl up with over the holidays? If you intend to use Amazon to buy books or other products, here’s an easy way to leverage your online purchase for a good cause – at absolutely no extra cost… Read More

Introducing our 2017 recipient of support

In 2015, we started the Project Change Foundation with a simple mission: to help make the world a better place by supporting and empowering emerging change makers. There’s a lot of amazing people who are working hard to make our communities a better place. We want to help them achieve their goals. To do this,… Read More