Joe KellyEach of us has the potential to change the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean creating a radical sea change that will alter the course of history. But each of us can make a positive contribution through the actions of our personal and professional lives.

And the best part? Doing things that make the world a better place is good for you, and not just in a fuzzy feel-good kind of way. Doing good in the outer world paradoxically brings real, tangible benefits to your inner life too.

Most paths to personal growth focus so rigidly inward that they overlook the most powerful agent of self-improvement that exists: Being engaged in and contributing to the world around you. This is not enlightenment through navel-gazing or internal dialogue. It’s the story of how making a modest impact on the world leads to greater inner peace, fulfillment and connection. That’s the power of change.

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My yearlong experiment in creating change

We all want to feel good about ourselves; to sense that in some way the world is a better place for our existence in it. In 2013, I wasn’t feeling it. I was going through the motions of living a positive, healthy life on the outside, but something important was missing on the inside. Like most North Americans, in the past I had turned to self-indulgence and consumerism to fill a void. The experience had left me empty – and I had racked up a fair bit of debt along the way, trying to buy my way to fulfillment.

Determined to find a more meaningful way forward, I set a yearlong experiment for myself: I would make as many purposeful contributions to the world around me as I could, to see if it would also improve my inner life.

So each month I set a new challenge for myself, each with a different focus, from the environment to my community to my everyday lifestyle habits. I wanted to know what impact my personal choices have on the world around me. And if I set out to make that impact as beneficial as possible, would it benefit me too?

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Dr. Joe Kelly is an author, educator, and speaker. He teaches university courses and workshops, has authored numerous articles in mainstream media and academic journals, and has presented to audiences around the globe.

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Today’s workers are motivated by more than just a paycheque. Rather, they are looking for meaning, purpose and the opportunity to create a positive legacy in every aspect of their lives. This can seem like an overwhelming task, but achieving it is simpler than you think.

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