Speaking engagements

People are hungry not only for inspiration, but also practical guidance on making positive contributions to the world. My presentations offer both, blending personal reflection with easy to implement tips and advice. Weaving together the latest research on sustainability and social change, with my own personal stories and anecdotes, I will help to guide and inspire your audience to take action on bettering the world and themselves.

In my work as an educator and consultant, I have logged well over a thousand hours speaking to all types of groups, ranging from corporate teams to university classes to conference participants. With a motivational and enthusiastic speaking style, I take pride in ensuring that audiences are engaged and entertained.

I tell a thought-provoking, yet plain-spoken story of how making a modest impact on the world leads to greater fulfillment, happiness, and connection. As well as finding inspiration to spark change in their own lives, audiences will be able to relate to my candid account of the triumphs, challenges and lessons learned from my life and work as a change-maker.

Practical, entertaining and inspiring, my presentations have a powerful message at heart: Changing the world can change your life.

For speaking engagements, email: jkelly@joe-kelly.com.