To realize your big ideas, think in cycles

In 2009, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. I had just left my full-time consulting job and had started teaching part-time at a local university. It was the first time in a long while that I had some spare time to pursue side projects. One of my business ideas was to develop a web… Read More

Create a dream list to visualize your ideal future

There are an almost unlimited number of things you can do over the span of a lifetime. This is exhilarating, but also intimidating. It’s easy to feel adrift and uncertain about which path to choose. Here’s where having a vision can help. A vision is like a beacon that guides your journey through life. It… Read More

The power of positivity: Three lessons from the military

In his book, Leadership: 50 Points of Wisdom For Today’s Leaders, General Rick Hillier shares his insights on leadership, gleaned from over 30 years of service in the Canadian Forces. General Hillier was appointed Commander of the Army in 2003 and promoted to Chief of the Defence Staff in 2005. He stepped down in 2008.… Read More