Challenge Six: Have Fun

A yellow No. 2 pencil – picturing one may provoke memories of math tests or notebook doodles from your grade school days. But have you ever considered the environmental impact of a simple wooden pencil? The base materials used to make a pencil are simple enough: wood, graphite, rubber and aluminum. The wood used in… Read More

Challenge Five: Buy Local

As a consumer, you make choices everyday between competing businesses, such as whether to buy your morning coffee at Starbucks, Tim Hortons or an independent coffee shop. The choice of where to spend your money sends a signal through the marketplace that ultimately influences which types of businesses will succeed and which will falter. Along… Read More

Challenge Four: Get Connected

Growing up on the outskirts of a small town, the importance of home security was never really instilled in me as a kid. As far back as I can remember our home’s front door was kept unlocked. In fact, for most of my childhood I wasn’t even aware the door had a lock on it.… Read More