The High Road: Introduction

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Living a life of purpose is akin to taking the high road in life; it’s not an easy path, but the rewards are great. In this free introduction, you will learn what it means to live with purpose – and how doing so can transform your life.



Discovering your purpose, and then living it every day, is one of the surest paths to lasting happiness and fulfillment. When you fill your days doing things that align with a higher purpose, the different areas of your life weave together and flourish, all in service of something greater than yourself. Hitting this mark on a regular basis can seem like an overwhelming task, but achieving it is simpler than you think. The High Road will show you how to make it happen.

Product Information: 27-page PDF document.



4 reviews for The High Road: Introduction

  1. Ted Noakes (verified owner)

    Great introduction. Dr. Kelly takes the seemingly hard task of “what is my purpose in life” and lays out a very achievable way of discovering it. I can’t wait to read the rest.

  2. Mark Carras (verified owner)

    The High Road provides a road map to living a life in line with your unique values, passions, skills, and desire to contribute to a better world. Dr. Kelly draws in the reader with clear language and purpose in this introduction, giving an overview of the coming chapters and putting the onus for action back on the reader. He doesn’t mince words in letting the reader know that it’s up to them to do the work and see the benefits of integrating positive actions, habits, and mindsets into their lives. The High Road promises to be an action-oriented guide to living authentically, and I’m looking forward to the coming chapters.

  3. Carolyn Affleck Youngs (verified owner)

    Joe Kelly always works passionately and with clear intention with whatever project he takes on, and I’m always inspired by his enthusiasm and drive to make a difference in this world. I am excited that he has now distilled his years of experience in project-driven work, travel, and inner reflection into this form, which allows for bite-size learning and encourages measurable results.

  4. Kyla (verified owner)

    An excellent read which bridges the gap between knowing and doing! This book is ideal for anyone looking to identify and fulfill their true calling in life.

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