Searching for our 2020 recipient of support

Do you know any start-up charities in Canada doing amazing work to create positive change? Please let them know about the opportunity to work with us in 2020! The Project Change Foundation is on the lookout for our 2020 recipient of support. Founded in 2015, the Foundation provides small grants and other support to new… Read More

Living by design: 2018 edition

2018 was the fourth year in a row that I used a goal-setting system to increase my productivity and enjoyment in different aspects of life. Some call this “living by design” or “life hacking.” To me, it’s about taking a more proactive approach to living, to treating life as a fun experiment, and to pursuing… Read More

Introducing our 2019 recipient of support

In 2015, we started the Project Change Foundation with a simple mission: to support and empower emerging change-makers who are working to create positive change in our communities. Over the past four years, the Foundation has given small grants and other support to early-stage charities with significant potential for creating social or environmental change. Previously,… Read More